Trial Handtag Domino

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The range of the new colour, makes fashion the specialized trial
bikes too, becoming more bright, modern, personal, pleasant.
That’s the principal characteristic of the new range of colour of bicomponent
Domino’s grips specific for trial.
These trial grips are different not only for the originality of the
The grips offer the maximum safety during the use, because of
projected to favouring an extraordinary sensibility. They are
produced with a selected mix of technopolymers, extremely soft.
The surface reserves to the hands a specific lined both for the
palm, and for the fingers. That’s prevents the slip of the hand and
eliminates the vibrations.
The grips ensure the maximum sensibility to the hands, also
improving the drive comfort in a competitive technique specialty as
The bi-component Domino grips for trial have been developed in
collaboration with the best riders and teams of the World
Championship the continuous transmission of the information,
aimed to make more and more performing Domino’s products for
all the impassioned of trial.

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