Maxima Castor 927 Racing - 1 L

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Castor based, ester-fortified 2-stroke engine oil designed to ensure maximum performance while providing

maximum protection under the most severe conditions. Carbonization and vaporization resistant formulation

combines surface-active esters with a highly-refined castor oil to provide excellent film thickness and surface

tenacity, protecting cylinder walls, journals and other critical areas. Proprietary ash-free additive system keeps

your engine running clean and free of gum formation, corrosion and deposits.


▪ Rated #1 by various independent surveys

▪ Ultimate hardware protection for even the most aggressive riders

▪ Innovative formulation enables maximum power output

▪ Exotic esters and highly-refined castor oil maintain oil film thickness

▪ Surface-active chemistry aggressively attaches to engine surfaces, keeping them clean and protected


For all carbureted 2-stroke gasoline engines not intended for use in oil injection systems. Designed for high

performance applications. Premix only formulation is safe for use at any OEM-recommended ratio.


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